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Corey Charles established DreamVision IT LLC in 2013. Mr. Charles is a ten year IT professional with a specialization in Vulnerability Management, Information Assurance, cyber security, computer forensics and penetration testing. DreamVision IT offers a diverse amount of Information Technology experience in the government, private sector and healthcare arena respectively.

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Vulnerability Management

The Vulnerability Management Course is offered under DreamVision IT. The course is designed to help professionals recognize and remediate vulnerabilities in a timely fashion.

Patch Management

The Patch Management Course is offered under DreamVision IT. The Patch Management Course is designed to help professionals learn the entire process of patch management and how to apply patches to windows, Linux , Citrix, VMWare and Unix systems.

Computer Forensics

The Computer Forensics courses are separated into two courses and mentorship program covering Digital Forensics and Mobile Forensics under The Saint Charles Forensic Group. The students have the option to pick a mastery route of Forensics in lieu to sharpening their skills to become a recognized professional in the IT industry and have the option to become a consultant of the company.

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